Teamviewer Alternatives : Best Remote Desktop Software

Whether for remote assistance, remote access, collaboration, production or even organizing online meetings or conferences, the TeamViewer program is extremely popular software, especially for professionals and businesses. Thus, the software from the German developer launched in 2005 quickly became the market leader. However, this tool has limitations, particularly in terms of security and visual quality, and many users who are not completely satisfied may therefore be looking for an alternative to TeamViewer. This is why we have tested some programs and below we present the best alternatives to TeamViewer.

Ammyy Admin

The first alternative to TeamViewer as a professional remote desktop and remote support tool that we present to you is Ammyy Admin. Ammyy Admin’s remote access and multifunction control software is especially suitable for large businesses. It allows you to easily manage networks remotely, or to control a server on the Internet.

Using Ammyy Admin is relatively simple, no software installation is required, and the program does not require administrative rights. This is because users simply need to download and run a small file, and then enter the ID of the target computer. Security standards are strict when transferring data and the program also works behind a router or with firewalls.

It is necessary to create for each user a unique identifier so that he can access the external computer. Thus, the system is protected against unauthorized access. In addition, additional authentication settings can be made. Like TeamViewer, Ammyy Admin allows file transfer. Finally, permanent access to the file system is particularly advantageous, especially for large amounts of data. This free program is also suitable for distance learning and online presentations, since you can share documents and communicate with other users via instant messaging.

Free version of Ammyy Admin: home page and contact book

Ammyy Admin is reliable and secure software for sharing remote desktop, remote assistance and telework


  • High security during data transfers
  • Simple and pleasant to use


Suitable for business Fast and powerful Internet connection required


For people who use TeamViewer to conduct online meetings in general, Mikogo is then a good alternative to TeamViewer. Indeed, the software publisher is based in Germany and complies with all local laws and rules, which are strict, in terms of privacy of user data. There is no need to download or install any software, as the program is directly accessible via the browser. Compatible with Windows, Linus, MacOS as well as mobile devices like Iphones, Ipads and Android devices. Up to 25 participants can join your meeting and view your screen simultaneously. In addition, it is possible during the desktop sharing session to send an invitation to another participant, offering to take on the role of presenter. This allows to switch between the different participants the role of presenter and thus to share his screen in turn.

The integrated file transfer function makes it easy and secure to transfer data between participants and the presenter. In addition, Mikogo contains all the functionality and features of online meeting software. This therefore includes the integration of instant messaging with a meeting planner as well as an interactive whiteboard. For an individual user (maximum one participant per session), a demo version is available free of charge. The “professional” package allows 25 participants per session at a cost of 15 euros per month after a 14-day trial period.

mikogo - TeamViewer alternatives

With Mikogo’s meeting scheduling tool, it is possible to organize meetings and invite participants


  • German server with high security standards.
  • No installation required
  • Compatible with most devices and platforms.


  • Maximum number of participants limited to 25.


ThinVNC software enables screen sharing, remote desktop functionality and file sharing. ThinVNC is a nice and easy to use remote access program. Indeed, it is not necessary to install a large software, remote assistance under Windows is possible directly from the Web browser with the help of HTML5. ThinVNC also uses AJAX and JSON and therefore does not require any browser plugins or additional software. Finally, file transfer is efficient and this program allows access to a local computer from a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

ThinVNC is a good alternative to TeamViewer for private use. It is possible to reach your computer not only from your own network, but also from anywhere in the world via the web browser, but good technical knowledge on installing a router and dynamic DNS is necessary.

Until recently, the tool was still available for free download. You can still find ThinVNC as an open source solution, but it is apparently no longer updated regularly. Otherwise it obviously exists in its paid version under the name Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation.

ThinVNC: Server configuration menu

Start in server settings and close a remote session with ThinVNC


  • Efficient and practical file transfer
  • No installation required


  • Few additional functions
  • Low security standards


Part of the developers of AnyDesk helped create TeamViewer. The objective with this new program was then to develop a better method of transmission. Remote connection via AnyDesk had to be faster and more powerful than with TeamViewer. This new method specially developed for graphical interfaces is called DeskRT, and makes it possible to reduce the amount of data during transmission. According to the editor, it is thus possible to double the frame rate and AnyDesk is described as “the fastest remote desktop application in the world“.

In practice, this means that it is even possible to use complex programs such as graphics creation or image editing tools remotely, without having to suffer a significant loss of image quality. Even if the technique in the background is complex, the program remains simple and pleasant to use. The free variant is however reserved only for private users; the professional version, especially for businesses, is chargeable.

AnyDesk: Web Interface

Each system obtains an individual AnyDesk address, this is necessary for remote access


  • Better quality transmission compared to TeamViewer
  • Faster TeamViewer alternative
  • Simple and efficient use


  • Free version only for private users.


UltraVNC is an Open source software and it is a good alternative to TeamViewer for Windows users, developed and distributed under the free software license GPLv2. The standard VNC (Virtual Network Computing) system based on the Remote Frame Buffer (RFB) protocol is required. This is because you need a VNC server on the target machine, and a VNC client on any device that needs to access the server. Remote control and remote connection with the help of these components allow transmission and exchange of data and text messages quickly and easily. This software uses and offers different authentication methods (8-digit DES password, MS Logon I and II).

The configuration options for client and server components are quite impressive. For experts in this field it is a real playground. However, it makes the use of UltraVNC quite difficult for inexperienced users. Since there is no fixed number of users, this software is a good alternative to TeamViewer for carrying out conferences and online training. You can configure with the server module or the navigation bar the interface in order to see only essential information.

UltraVNC Viewer: Configuration menu

Before you can create a remote connection to the target system with Ultra VNC Viewer, you need to make several settings


  • Free and open source
  • Many options


  • Only for Windows
  • Complex interface

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to find an alternative to TeamViewer for the remote desktop function, there is no need to use a complex program. A good solution is the quick and easy extension for Google Chrome. The Chrome browser must simply be installed on your computer and you must have a Google account to fully use Chrome Remote Desktop and thus have remote access and control of devices. You can use this service on all platforms on which the Google Chrome browser works. In addition there are, as with TeamViewer, specific applications for Android and iOS.

Chrome Remote Desktop Host software is automatically downloaded through the browser. You only need to install it and the remote control function is ready. The program home page will provide you with a specific code that will be required for future access. Note that the extension of Google Chrome does not offer screen sharing, instant messaging or video conferencing.

Chrome Remote Desktop: home page

Remote control for Google Chrome is particularly suitable for technical support and for private use


  • Simple and easy installation
  • Suitable for many platforms


  • A Google account is required
  • No online conferencing functionality

WebEx Meetings

In 2007, the telecommunications company Cisco bought the company WebEx Communications, which has developed as a subsidiary a number of collaboration and teamwork solutions and software for businesses. WebEx Meetings offers a great alternative to TeamViewer in terms of conference and online meeting. Like all WebEx products, the meeting application is available on the Cisco WebEx Cloud, which uses multiple data centers (including backups and caching concepts) worldwide to provide maximum bandwidth and availability storage for each user. Data in Europe is therefore always saved on European servers.

With the free version of WebEx Mettings it is possible to organize online meetings with a maximum of two additional participants. For greater capacity and all of the functionalities, it is then necessary to subscribe to a premium package. It will then be possible to organize meetings or web conferences with a maximum of 100 participants, to have different screen sharing options (full screen, individual applications, etc.), and to manage users and appoint moderators. In addition, premium packs offer the option of limiting remote access and protecting access to a meeting with a password. Finally it is also possible to create the online meeting directly in Microsoft Outlook.

WebEx: “Meetings” section

WebEx Meetings: Under the “Meetings” section, you can spontaneously organize meetings or plan future conferences with the calendar function.


  • Nice and easy to use user interface
  • Powerful cloud infrastructure


  • The free version limits the creation of an online meeting to only 3 participants
  • No application for desktop computers (only usable with a web application

LogMeIn Pro

The basic concept of the paid LogMeIn Pro remote access tool is to optimize the sharing of resources without ever losing data security in mind. In order to meet and achieve this goal, 1 TB of cloud storage is available to back up all important files, applications and projects. There are different versions for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android mobile systems as well as a cross-platform browser application so that you can make remote connections over local networks and the Internet.

All meetings and conferences with LogMeIn Pro are secured via SSL / TLS. In addition, the identity of the server is verified with a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificate, as well as the identity of the host with a corresponding secret key. Depending on the package chosen (annual licenses), it is possible to have access to up to 10 computers, to print files from a remote computer on the nearest local printer and to display several remote monitors, by restoring identically on your screens. Finally, you can share the data and files stored in the LogMeIn Cloud with an unlimited number of users. However, the team meeting functionality is not available with this alternative to TeamViewer.

LogMeIn Pro: Web interface

Add an unlimited number of users to your LogMeIn account via account management (here in the browser interface)


  • 1 TB of cloud storage
  • Suitable for many platforms


  • No free version available
  • Does not have online conferencing functionality

The publishing company LogMeln launched the Web tool which is another alternative to TeamViewer, making it very easy to organize and organize online meetings. For this, the service gives access to an administration interface where it is possible to easily schedule and start online meetings or conferences. All past meetings are automatically archived in the “Chronicle” section, so it is always possible to consult user activities during previous meetings. With the free version, it is possible to organize regular conferences with a maximum of 10 participants, and video conferences with a maximum of 5 users, simply register and download the application. In addition to instant messaging, VoIP and video, also offers data and file exchange and screen sharing.

In addition to the free version of the communications software, there are two paid and ad-free subscription plans. The formula with productivity features (PRO) and offers it with advanced management functions (BUSINESS). The first formula allows a maximum of 50 participants against 250 participants for the second. The plan (PRO) also offers unlimited interactive whiteboards (only for iOS), meeting tools as well as a meeting planner with the module for Outlook and the module for Google Calendar. Finally, the user has 5 GB of storage in the Cloud and 5 TB of storage for the BUSINESS version, in particular to record meetings and be able to consult them later. administration interface


  • Simple and versatile administration options (for a fee)
  • Secure data transfers by 256-bit


  • No remote access function
  • TLS encryption Limited free version


With its remote access application, Splashtop has one main objective: maximum comfort for the remote access function, regardless of the device used. Especially for mobile devices, this application from the American publisher allows you to access your Mac, Windows or Linux computer from your tablet (iPad or Android). Splashtop offers several subscription plans with different prices. The free “Personal” version, for example, offers a great alternative to TeamViewer if you need an application for remote access with up to five devices in a local network. Note that this version is reserved for a private, non-commercial or professional setting. Other more efficient professional or personal formulas are chargeable.

The Business formula is chargeable and is reserved and suitable for professionals. With this package it is possible to transfer files, but also to have remote access to local printers and the application also has instant messaging. Finally, all sessions are secured with TLS and AES 256 bit encryption ensuring strong data protection. Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 are additional options notably in terms of screen sharing which are offered to you in order to improve the presentation of documents and the sharing of your screen during remote meetings, without having to use any special equipment or cable additional.

"Personal" Splashtop menu and settings
“Personal” Splashtop menu and settings

Splashtop Personal: Use the remote access application on your network with your mobile devices (Windows and Mac)


  • Good data protection and AES 256 Bit and TLS encryption available.
  • Very good audio and video quality


  • No free professional offer
  • No “all in one” solution

VNC Connect

For more than 15 years, the English software company RealVNC based in Cambridge has been developing powerful remote access programs, including the famous VNC Connect which is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer for personal or professional use. You need to download VNC to the target computer and apply a VNC Server license key, then download VNC Viewer to the machine or mobile device from which you want to exercise remote control. Thus, the professional tool offers you many functionalities in order to optimally perform remote control of other systems. In order to guarantee a high level of security, the sessions are encrypted, but also protected with a password.

The free version “HOME” is reserved for personal and non-commercial use, it offers a maximum of 3 users and a usage limit of 5 devices. Finally there are paid annual subscriptions: “Professional” and “Enterprise”. With these plans for businesses and professionals, file transfer, remote printing, instant messaging and other options are available. In addition, sessions with “Enterprise” are encrypted with the AES 256 bit system while Home and Professional only includes the AES 128 Bit encryption system. However, none of the VNC Connecte editions offers Web conferencing.

VNC server user interface (HOME-Version)

VNC server application required to perform remote control with VNC Connect


  • Password protection of meetings


  • Does not include web conferencing
  • Free version quite limited.

Conclusion: the search for the best alternative to TeamViewer.

Those looking for an alternative to TeamViewer are spoiled for choice. Indeed the market offers many programs and software which are more or less equivalent. Depending on your needs, there is always an appropriate alternative: whether for remote control or online meeting tools with several participants. AnyDesk is by far the program that offers the fastest connection and the best image quality. For those who wish to reduce costs, Ammyy admin is a good professional solution, especially for businesses. For private users, with little experience in remote control, free tools like SimpleDesktop are a good option for beginners.


    1. Hey, you can also have a look at on-premise R-HUB remote support servers. It is is one of the fastest solutions on the market for remote support. Further, you can have multiple support sessions running on the same computer to support attended or unattended remote computers. The fast speed and concurrency save your precious time.

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