IT security best practices

It is important to implement an IT security policy, IT equipment are vulnerable and hackers develop their means over time. Here are some recommendations we offer:

Tip # 1
Update your operating system and software.
Tip # 2
Perform regular backups.
Tip # 3
Use up-to-date Antivirus software on computers and mobile devices.
Tip # 4
Change passwords regularly.
Tip # 5
Choose complex passwords that combine at least one uppercase letter, one number and one special character.
Tip # 6
Use password management software and disable password management software for web browsers.
Tip # 7
Never enter personal data on non-secure sites that do not have security guarantees.
Tip # 8
Never click on a link in an email that asks you to identify yourself or provide personal information.
Tip # 9
Be wary of attachments from unknown email addresses.
Tip # 10
Never open attachments with the .com, .pif, .bat, .ink and .exe extensions.

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