How to download a video from Facebook and YouTube ?

Sometimes we wonder how to download videos on Youtube or on the Facebook social network. For those who are used to using these two platforms, you are aware that they do not allow direct downloading of videos. However, it is indeed possible to download video content on these social media when you know how to go. So I thought of offering you an article that discusses the different methods that exist for downloading videos on Facebook and Youtube.

What you need to know before downloading a youtube and facebook video ?

More and more companies are realizing that video content is very effective in increasing traffic to their website. Still others use videos, for example, as part of their advertising campaigns to have more impact.  Internet users like to download some of these videos so that they are always on hand. Knowing the tools you need to download without problems is therefore important.

Learn how to watch locked videos

There are videos found on YouTube or Facebook that are associated with copyright. Even if we manage to download them, we are not authorized to share them. But sometimes it may be necessary. For example the case of a community manager who might need a video on Facebook to use it on one of the pages he administers. He would no doubt be delighted to know that he has the means to recover the videos he needs.

What you need to download a video from Youtube or Facebook

You will need an online tool to retrieve the video and address (URL) of the YouTube or Facebook video to download.

To obtain the address of the Facebook video that you want to download, you must do the following:

  • Right click on the video
  • Click on “Show Video URL
  • Copy the link that appears

The process is practically the same on YouTube, with the only difference that you have to copy the URL directly after right clicking on the video

Tools for downloading youtube or facebook video

When you’ve got the URL of the video you want to download, the next step is to go to a site that lets you download video content for free.

Here are three free tools I tested for you:

FBDown - Download Video from Facebook and Youtube

FBDown is a site which gives the possibility to download videos on Facebook just by copying / pasting their address. The videos are downloadable in High Definition in MP4 format. FBDown offers an extension for Google Chrome that is compatible with several sites, including YouTube and Dailymotion.

Downvids - Download Video from Facebook and Youtube

Downvids is another alternative that I recommend. Its strong point is that it is compatible with several platforms. So you can not only download YouTube and Facebook videos, but also content on Vimeo or Instagram. The other great thing about this downloader is that it lets you choose the resolution of the video. So you can either opt for HD video, FullDH video or even a video with normal definition (480 p). For those who are not interested in video but rather in sound, know that it is also possible to have it by converting your Facebook, Instagram or Youtube video to MP3.

Download Videos From - Download Video from Facebook and Youtube

If the two services I mentioned above do not suit you for one reason or another, you still have the “Download Videos From” tool. Admittedly, this service is less complete than the other two, but it still allows you to recover Facebook videos with one click. All you have to do is copy/paste the video URL and click “Download MP3”, “Download MP4”, or “Download MP4 HD”. Once you have selected the download mode, the video will be instantly downloaded.

Note that there are also many equivalent paid tools like VideoProc or 4K Video Downloader. These video software allow you to download YouTube playlists.

So, ready to download your next content from Youtube or Facebook?

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