How To combine multiple PDF Files In One ?


This tutorial explains how to assemble several files into one in PDF format using PDFCreator software.

Combine multiple PDF Files

  1. After downloading the PDFCreator software, open the first of the files you want to assemble. This file can be in the form of a DOC document, a PDF file, an XLS workbook, etc. Once this is done, start a classic print. To do so, go to “File” then to “Print” (as is the case in most programs) or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + p:
  2. A new window appears. In the drop-down menu corresponding to the “Name” title, select the printer named “PDFCreator” then validate:
  3. A new window will appear. Then click on “Wait – Collect“:
  4. The new window that appears indicates that your file is “Waiting”:
  5. Open the other files to assemble and repeat the same operation in order to put them all in the Wait – Collect. Once done, select all the pending files and right click, then click “Merge“.
  6. After double-clicking the merged file, the PDFCreator program window will open again. Enter a title for the document (which will correspond to the name of your new file) and click on “Save“.
  7. Finally, choose where your new file will be saved. Once validated, the document generated in PDF format and grouping your different files will open by itself.

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