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What is Linux ?


Microsoft has dominated the operating system market with Windows for almost a long time in the micro-computing world. Among the alternative systems to Windows, there are some, based on Linux, ...

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What is Typescript ?


TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2012. Its main ambition is to improve the productivity of developing complex applications. It is an open source language, developed as ...

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What is Bitcoin ?


The technological development of recent years has encouraged the creation of several new means of payment. Bitcoin is the flagship invention of this new generation of cryptocurrencies which aims to ...

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What is Blockchain ?


Some inventions have revolutionized the world of computing. This is particularly the case of the blockchain which has enabled many cryptocurrencies to emerge. This rapid development of virtual currencies raises ...

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What is IPTV ?


IPTV is a newly created computer protocol that should replace traditional television transmission protocols in the future. It raises some questions. What is IPTV? What are its characteristics ? What ...

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