Best free proxies of 2022

On the web, internet users who want to remain anonymous can use a free proxy, one solution among many. The proxy is nothing other than a remote computer connecting the user’s computer to the Internet. It thus removes the direct connection to the web and thereby makes the user’s real IP address invisible. It becomes invisible. Its actions can no longer be tracked by its own Internet Service Provider, its government and hackers. There are more and more services on the market offering free proxies to the point where choosing the right one can be a real obstacle.

What is a Proxy?

Also called a proxy server, the proxy server is a remote device that acts as an intermediary for the tablet, computer or smartphone and the Internet. It then serves to make it completely anonymous on the web. The user leaves no trace of their passage, a bit like using a VPN.

The proxy is also used to visit websites that are not accessible from a certain location. For example, a user located in France cannot view content from Netflix US, his address being located in France. With a proxy, it changes its real IP address to that of the proxy located in America and acts as if it were in the territory. Netflix US will no longer be able to block access to its catalogs.

How does a proxy protect?

The protection offered by a proxy is fairly simple to identify. When activated, it simply filters the data shared and received between a computer and the Internet. When the user types a search in their browser, their request is sent directly to the Internet when no proxy is used. The link between the PC and the web is then direct. However, when a proxy user makes a request, it is first sent to the proxy server, which in turn sends it back to the Internet. The Internet sends response items to the proxy server, which provides them to the computer.

The website that receives the request from a proxy does not suspect that it comes from a computer. This is the IP address of the proxy server which is then visible by the site; the actual IP address is completely anonymous. The proxy thus protects from outside eyes and people with bad intentions. It allows access to geographically blocked content without revealing the identity of the user.

The best free proxies of 2022

Free proxies are legion on the market. Using the wrong one can be a huge risk. Personal data can be stolen and then sold or used for criminal purposes. Our selection provides you with details the best free tools available.

1. kProxy


KProxy can be used to secure your data on the web. It is also used to visit blocked websites. In other words, it allows you to bypass censorship and access prohibited content. In this area, there are three different versions of this tool.

The first version, KProxy Online, is used directly on a browser. The user is not forced to install an application. It’s sort of an extension to install on your Chrome or Firefox browser. The second version, KProxy Windows, is only functional on Windows operating systems. The latest version is cross-platform. It can be used on different OS.

2. ProxySite


This free proxy server is also a good option for protecting your privacy on the Internet. It offers around twenty servers to the user. The latter can manually change the location according to his needs. However, the proxy offers an automatic server selection option; just log in and let the tool choose the best server available.

ProxySite is compatible with YouTube and Facebook. It allows you to bypass restrictions and censorship of certain companies without being shy.

3. Hide My Ass


This service provides a fairly complete free proxy. It offers a secure tab for safe browsing. The user masks his real IP address without difficulty. He can then access the contents of restricted sites while avoiding the surveillance of his Internet Service Provider.

With its six servers installed on both sides of the United States and in four other countries of Europe, it becomes possible to access the programs of the American televisions for streaming of high quality.

This free proxy also provides a secure system for the protection of banking data. It is compatible with all devices. It can cover 5 devices simultaneously. In addition, it is compatible with applications and video games.

What are the disadvantages of free proxies?

Free proxies are free to access. It will not be necessary to pay a subscription to take advantage of their services. But beware !

First, it should be noted that most of the free proxies available on the market are products of volunteers. These facilities require significant maintenance costs. This may explain why the servers are often unavailable and the connection is inaccessible for a long time in the event of failures.

Navigating through a proxy makes it possible to hide its IP address and its connection data from the sites visited. But this information is accessible and often recorded by proxies. If the user visits their bank account online, there is a good chance that their credentials are saved by the server. Proxy managers, if they are in bad faith, can very well use this data.


The free proxies available on the market offer only reduced security. Using them could be dangerous because many of them contain malware. The ideal is to opt for proxy VPNs.

This is a list of best free VPN

They offer very good security and maintain user anonymity at all levels. In addition, the bandwidth and traffic they provide are unlimited. It will then be easy to unblock streaming platforms, bypass censorship and download anonymously.

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